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According to Condé Nast Traveler 2016, Vieques’ Blue Beach is the closest, highest ranked and most beautiful beach in the world for people living in the North Eastern US. Check out the link below

 Also Condé Nast Traveler recognized Vieques as one of the 20 top most romantic islands in the world

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W Vieques – of course!  Vieques island has only one upper luxury brand and we love it there.

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Aside from offering a unique wedding experience, Vieques island is perfect to…

– Cycle, run, swim, dive, snorkel, paddle board, kayak, jet ski, ride horses, bio-luminescent bay

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…or…just…disconnect, chill and relax


The whole island is full of beaches with no mass tourism. Nature abounds with lush foliage…it’s a very green island. Animals roam freely and the population is only 9400.

There is limited infrastructure which allows Vieques to have that Caribbean feel as it was in the 50’s -with no fast food and no traffic lights.

It’s a US territory, so the currency is the same and there are no passport requirements. And, miracle of all miracles, they just banned plastic bags on the entire island!

I spoke to a friend, Cecily Hoffius (I know her as Ces), an owner of Ces & Judy’s catering in St Louis who has had a house on Vieques for years. I asked her for a few personal thoughts. This is what Ces shared…

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“I love to walk on Playa Grande. It is not a beach for sitting, with high surf and no shade, but a beautiful vista and gorgeous rock formations. You might see the occasional fisherman or a herd of horses, but rarely another person.

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Our house is in the “country” so I also enjoy listening to the birds and watching the cows meander. It is very peaceful. Obviously, for me, Vieques is an escape. Because life moves at a slower pace there, you have time to enjoy the interesting people you meet from so many different walks of life.”

Sounds just perfect to me. And Ces… I might just end up knocking on your door for a yummy lunch and beach wander!



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