Meteor Rain Makes Everything Beautiful

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We recently produced a wedding in Aspen where a friend of the couple officiated the ceremony and wrote the sermon. There was a particular line she penned that has enveloped me. The line is- “In this burst of time that is our love…”.

Now admittedly, I tend to spend a lot of time contemplating what I experience and I am not a huge fan of being side swiped by things. I prefer to bury myself in possibility and I might be a bit of a control freak. But those nine little words uttered from 11,211 feet in the air felt like harbingers of change. So, as regular as the onset of the seasons, it is time to hit the re-set button yet again.

Taking off, or traveling, as I prefer to call it, has always been my heroin. I’ve been a traveler since I understood there was a world beyond my doorstep. It is instinctual. It has always righted all the wrongs and smoothed over all the perceived indignities of life. I have sacrificed everything in order to see the world. Pursuing a life of travel has signified my fierce commitment to freedom in all its forms, but admittedly, there is a form of personal captivity there too.

As we all know, Mother Nature has a powerful point of view when teaching us things we are preparing to open our minds to. While wrapping my head around those nine words, she delivered the fireworks show of all fireworks shows, the Perseid Meteor shower. There I was, lying on my back looking up at the sky (with a fox staring at me from 10 feet away) atop Aspen Mountain bearing witness to one of the most spectacular things of beauty I have surely ever witnessed. There were 150 meteors per hour raining from the sky, two to three meteors per minute, shooting stars everywhere and fireballs with tails streaking across the sky. All I kept thinking was, Rago!! what will you do with this burst of time that is your future!

I am constantly pushing the invisible line telling me I can achieve anything. I am constantly battling the demons that tell me being in motion is better than sitting still. But admittedly, thanks to some arresting words and the earth plowing into some debris, I feel a softening towards my drive to constantly be on the emotional move. This midway point feels very good.

But, isn’t it ironic to contemplate that in pursuing a life of travel there have been many sacrifices that are just as confining, and surprisingly, perhaps equal to the possibility of never having made any effort to see the world at all. Nahhhh, no way-just kidding!

The sacrifice has been worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing. But, after brushing off the stardust, I know looking forward there are so many magical secrets to unravel just within arm’s length… I wonder what they will be?

Photo: Gumbo Films

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