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World travel has long filled many buckets for me, from a broadened perspective to a renewed sense of purpose. But, make no mistake, one of my favorite travel categories is always – what’s

Hip & Hot.

Following two recent trips to Europe I discovered Hit Man Hawks… it is off the Richter scale cool.

Hotels & restaurants have long struggled with the nuisance of dangerous dive bombing seagulls. After much frustration, they have finally decided to fight fire with fire-or in this case, birds with birds. Hoteliers from the French Riviera to London have employed trained, professional ‘feathered’ killers- and it is working like a charm.

With names like Garfield, Big Foot and Aladdin, hawks have but one mission: hunt down the seagulls and … well …take care of the situation.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.31.22 PM

If you have ever attempted to enjoy a chilly bottle of Ruinart Rosé and a tiered seafood platter (affectionately referred to as the tower of chum), while being stalked by avian dinosaurs, I say…

cue the mercenaries!


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.39.19 PM

Separating your guests from their mobile devices for your ceremony is a feat best suited for security detail. We have been cursed at, yelled at, and essentially ignored. Forget clumsy phone-check stations, we think Yondr is a Hip new solution to create phone-free zones. In a technology-filled world, Yondr is the easiest way to maintain authenticity, privacy, and most importantly, exclusivity.

It’s simple: You slip your device into the blocking phone pocket and then lock the bag. It’s great because guests maintain possession of their phones and are free to enjoy the ceremony without distraction. Should you need to access your phone you just step outside & hook up your IV.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 12.30.36 PM

Yondr has a simple purpose: to show people how powerful a moment can be when we aren’t focused on documenting or broadcasting it.

At Team Rago we say… YES!

The Uber for Private Jets

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 8.17.22 AM

There’s a Hot new company called JetSmarter which provides private air travel accessible through a mobile app. It seamlessly connects travelers to private jets at attractive prices.

Services include free seats on scheduled shuttle routes or, members can create their own shuttles between offered cities. JetCharter services also allow you to book real-time private jets with guaranteed availably in over 170 countries.

And the cherry on top- some routes can provide you with swift helicopter transfers.

Very James Bond and Soooo Rago!

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