Engage!16 Europe. A reflection of what I seek.

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My definition of beauty is anything that has you forget everything else around you. Beauty captures you, looks into you, and for that single moment you are lost. It can be a vista. It can be the texture of a stone wall or a quiet moment with someone with whom you do not share a common tongue, but all is understood.

For 20 years I have attempted to scale beauty through design and hospitality. I have strived to give nuance to facial expressions, music and food in such a way that it can be heard and experienced. From the inception of my career, I have worked tirelessly to distinguish myself and share who I am to others. Europe was the first place to give me that voice.

I believe true abundance comes from within. But I also believe it comes from being peaceful, having healthy food to eat, and the ability to enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures. Puglia is referred as the heart of Italy… and after such an epic summit …I can see why.

Thank you to everyone for the trip of a lifetime.

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