Hip & Hot

HIT MAN HAWKS World travel has long filled many buckets for me, from a broadened perspective to a renewed sense of purpose. But, make no mistake, one of my favorite travel categories is always – what’s Hip & Hot. Following two recent trips to Europe I discovered Hit Man Hawks… it is off the Richter scale cool. Hotels


We are thrilled and honored to be listed as a top, international, planner in Vogue’s “Ultimate Wedding Planner master List” http://www.vogue.com/13405286/best-wedding-planners-list-database-around-the-world/

Matters of the Heart

    Someone asked me recently how I intend to spend my Saint Valentine’s Day. The question provoked some thought and a bit of research on the history of the day to get some inspiration and perspective. Interestingly, February 14th has a tricky history at best. When you do just a bit of digging about how

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