Hip & Hot

HIT MAN HAWKS World travel has long filled many buckets for me, from a broadened perspective to a renewed sense of purpose. But, make no mistake, one of my favorite travel categories is always – what’s Hip & Hot. Following two recent trips to Europe I discovered Hit Man Hawks… it is off the Richter scale cool. Hotels


We are thrilled and honored to be listed as a top, international, planner in Vogue’s “Ultimate Wedding Planner master List” http://www.vogue.com/13405286/best-wedding-planners-list-database-around-the-world/

The Dogs of MRD

Leaving wo(man) ’s best friend behind during the wedding weekend proves to be much harder than anticipated for our couples. Canines perform many roles for their humans, such as protection, herding, emotional support and companionship; all which qualify them perfectly as a planning co-pilot and make it impossible to leave behind on the big day.

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