The Dogs of MRD

Leaving wo(man) ’s best friend behind during the wedding weekend proves to be much harder than anticipated for our couples. Canines perform many roles for their humans, such as protection, herding, emotional support and companionship; all which qualify them perfectly as a planning co-pilot and make it impossible to leave behind on the big day.

A Beautiful Bahamas Wedding

 Last April we planned  an elegant and touching wedding in Hope Town, Bahamas. It was the bride’s childhood vacation spot and they made a signature drink in honor of their adored dog, who had to stay in NYC for the wedding. We are thrilled to  have this gorgeous wedding be featured in under Real

Falling into Autumn

….And just like that, mid-October is upon us! We are thrilled to have been asked to share one of our most loved spots for Fall Destination Weddings for Vogue Living! Click on the link below to see where we said our favorite destination for a fall wedding is! (hint, hint… horses and fly fishing are involved) Other

Cheeseburger Please!

Choosing the menu for your wedding is not an easy task. Getting all the powers that be to come to a consensus is an even more difficult task. Recently we were supporting a bride and groom and their parents to finalize the menu and although we knew beef was the right decision for the second entree,

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