The Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Airports

  1. Keeping up on Trends Airports are where the streets of the world meet the avenues of life. Whether it’s bell bottoms or the newest technology, luggage solutions or hair styles…airports deliver the latest in what’s trending. 2. Human Drama Wowzers. This could be my favorite category and people never cease to amaze me. From parenting


We are thrilled and honored to be listed as a top, international, planner in Vogue’s “Ultimate Wedding Planner master List”

Matters of the Heart

    Someone asked me recently how I intend to spend my Saint Valentine’s Day. The question provoked some thought and a bit of research on the history of the day to get some inspiration and perspective. Interestingly, February 14th has a tricky history at best. When you do just a bit of digging about how

To whom it may concern…

The act of mailing wedding invitations is one of the first exchanges between couples and guests. Over the years I have come to believe it is also one of the most stressful and emotional experiences of the planning process for the bride & groom. And when it comes to the postal service, it can be down right

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